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 10534629_679964958757007_1153196742_nThere is a story behind every image. Looking for, and capturing  images that years from now will take you back to that precise moment, and bring back that exact feeling, is what I strive for.

Images are a part of your  legacy for yourself, and for future generations, and should be the most important investment you make on your wedding day.

I am not interested in documenting hundreds of photos but in creating a portfolio of images where each one is a piece of art. Photography is my passion and I am very fortunate to love the work I do.

I look forward to working with couples that are willing to think out of the box, while giving me creative space to create amazing images.

Thank you for visiting. I look forward to meeting you.

Oscar Dominguez. Photographer/independent producer/filmmaker

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General Information

Wedding and event photography in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas as well as Destination Weddings and events. 

Moving Still Pictures Photography is a an exclusive, experienced driven Studio. We love creating artistic images that are out of the ordinary. Capturing a moment, an emotion, as it happens…naturally.

Our mission is to offer our clients, the best imagery available. To create art work and lasting memories for all our wedding clients, portrait clients, and everyone who walks through our doors. 

After 15 years in the wedding/event Industry & 100’s of images taken, we find that each person, each event, is still unique, giving us an opportunity to create, and be inspired, by meeting fabulous people along the way.

Contact us: 562-375-5001   562-440-0811

Spanish & English spoken.


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